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Apptrac runs two websites

The spark that ignited both websites came from interim assignments and consulting projects. Due-Diligence-in-a-Box started as a quick fix solution when working on a due diligence assignment. After a few iterations we started giving it away to clients. It became a marketable product later on.
Medixfair is a reaction to unbelievable gross margins that we witness on the supplier side in the healthcare arena. Combine that with profitability issues that many hospitals struggle with and medixfair becomes the obvious solution.



More transparency means lower prices. Medixfair creates price transparency for medical implants, thereby enabling hospitals to reduce procurement costs. As a side effect, there is more time for important things like lifecycle costs and sustainability.

Our goal is to give our members full visibility of invoices and other terms & conditions from as many hospitals as possible. Reciprocally, our members allow access to their procurement terms. Medixfair lets you do this completely anonymously.



Granted, Due-Dilligence-in-a-Box hasn't aged gracefully and does not look as sophisticated as many modern websites. But it has some very loyal customers so it stays around.

Due-Diligence-in-a-Box is a web-based tool that combines an online data-room; extensive checklists and knowledge base; project management software; and records all steps in your M&A process.